Sunday, 12 June 2011

Backpacking and Disaster

Planning on your destination take time.  For a backpackers traveling to Kenya, proper planning in a vital aspect on your upcoming holiday.  A lot of time much is taking into account but handy does anyone expect that disaster my strike away from home and while on safari.   On this article we are mainly going to pick on a few pointers while backpacking in Kenya.

It should be noted that this is not final hence one may add more points to put into account to avoid Disaster.  They include:- 

Travel Insurance: Do you have your insurance up to date?  Ensure that you've informed your insurer of your travel.  Find out if the cover is inclusive of treatment while abroad.  For Kenyan, (the locals) ensure that your policy covers one for injuries or illnesses that may occur while traveling.  This should also include loss of personal amenities for instance monies, luggage and even flight cancellations.  
Exchange your monies at authorized dealers.  In Nairobi there are several Forex bureaus located at the heart of the city.  However there are also brokers who may persuade travelers to change their monies at backstreets and offer better rates than the bureaus.  Do not be tempted as this may lead one into losing their monies or being conned off with fake currencies.  Stick to the rules use authorized dealers or the banks.

Get all your emergency Numbers handy: Do you know the emergency numbers to the police, ambulances, embassies or high commission?  In Kenya there are handy booklets that have got all the vital information for travelers within Kenya. 
Carry your luggage:  Imagine having your whole bag stolen with all the content in it!  This is very possible especially for backpackers who have to carry their luggage on their backs.  It is advisable to ensure that you have the other travelers look after your luggage should you find it necessary to put down your bags.  Remember to also look after your luggage while having a snack at hotels or cafe's.  There have been incidents of where backpack travelers have lost all their valuables.   
Avoid hard cash:  There is no need of carry around all your cash with you.  Use visa, master cards where it's acceptable.  Fr the locals try carrying your monies via your mobile phone on Mpesa, Zap and Orange money. However in the event that you have carried your monies make sure that the hotel has a safe.  Keep all you valuables in the safe.   
Finally report cases of theft to the local police.  In the event that your passport is stolen report to your country's consulate for a replacement as well as the local police.  
Disasters while backpacking can be prevented.  One just needs to make sure that all details are looked into.  Make sure that you've researched about your destinations.  If possible get a local guide who is genuine who will keep in the know on which parts to visit what to avoid and any mishaps that one can prevent.  

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